Tears of Themis EN: 200907612

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I tweet/rt, keysmash and swear a lot || If we're mutuals and you want to break it, please sb or even block me so I don't follow you again (you don't have to warn me if you do) || I block for many and no reason || I might sb after a while if we don't interact/I barely see you on my tl || I’m a yumenushi/self shipper (Ayato Sakamaki is my f/o, no doubles please)

Diabolik Lovers, Love Live, Bandori, Nanbaka, Twisted Wonderland, Vanitas no Carte, Tears of Themis, Kuroko no Basket, Monster High, Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Homestuck, cosplay, pastel goth, goth and steampunk fashion/aesthetic,

astronomy, performing arts (dancing, theatre), vampires, graphic design, gore and horror, joseimuke, magical girls, space aesthetic, plushies, art, fictional idols